OCAG News 4-24-08 / All about the Arts Festival!!!

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OCAG News 4-24-08 / All about the Arts Festival!!!

Postby Marissa on Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:35 pm

Hi all.

Okay, our performance time for the Arts Festival is at 12 pm (noon) on Saturday.

I need you to be there no later than 11:15 am.

We are performing on the Crystal Stage.

I looked online and here is a link with information about the Arts Festival:


After you read that page then click where it says "MAPS."

At the MAPS page (
http://www.artscouncilokc.com/maps--travel) you will see an off yellow map. If it pops up on your computer like it did mine, you can't read it well because it is so small. However, you'll notice that there is a little link you can click that says "Click here for a printable map." If you click on that and print off a copy, it prints much larger.

On the map look in the SE corner. See the white square? That's the Crystal Stage. You'll notice that it's off of Robinson and much closer to Reno than Sheridan. Now, on this map it doesn't show parking by the Crystal Stage but, on the larger map that was sent to me, it does show parking. The parking is NOT really parking for most people; however it can be used as a drop off and pick up area. So, you might want to drop off everyone except the poor sap who is driving there and that way you won't have to walk forever to get to the Stage. Just the poor sap will have to.

If you want to check out public parking lots downtown then go to this link:


Okay that's it. PLEASE bring your full costumes with you and PLEASE don't be any later than 11:15 am or I'll be going crazy looking for you.

See everyone Saturday at 11:15 am.
Marissa 8-)

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