OCAG News 4-23-08 IMPORTANT!!!

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OCAG News 4-23-08 IMPORTANT!!!

Postby Marissa on Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:10 pm

Hi all.

Rehearsal for Thursday (4-24-08) is going to be from 5:45 pm to 7:30 pm. It will be our final rehearsal for the Arts Festival.

This rehearsal will be a dress rehearsal. You need to bring all your costumes.

Boys will need:

1. The dark indigo jeans/white shirts/black boots that you wore for Opening Night. Everyone should have this already with the exception of Adam. Adam, contact Kevin and ask to borrow his.

Adam, here are the links of the types of jeans and shirt that you'll need.


I’m sure that you’ve noticed that they’re Wranglers and they’re indigo.


Again, Wranglers and all white, button down.

2. Black slacks, black socks, black shoes and a red, white or blue shirt for Yankee Doodle Boy.

3. Black slacks, black socks, black shoes and a solid color top for Sound of Music, etc stuff.

Girls will need:

1. Full Oklahoma Costume.

2. Full Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Costume.

3. Sound of Music costume (black skirt, colorful top).

You'll need four pairs of tights (two black, one flesh colored, one fishnet) and both your character shoes and flat black jazz shoes.

We are performing around noon on Saturday. I'll let everyone know information about where we are to meet and what time in another email. I'll probably send it later today or tonight.

Okay. That's it. See everyone at 5:45 pm tomorrow (Thursday 4-24-08) at the church.
Marissa 8-)

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