OCAG News 4-21-08 IMPORTANT.

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OCAG News 4-21-08 IMPORTANT.

Postby Marissa on Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:08 am

Hi all.

If you are:


then you are performing at the Arts Festival this coming Saturday (4-26-08).

We are going to have to have two extra rehearsals for the Arts Festival and they are this coming Tuesday (4-22-08 / tomorrow) and this coming Thursday (4-24-08).

Both rehearsals will be from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The rehearsals will be in Tuttle and I THINK they will be at the church. I don't know that yet though. If you don't hear anything differently from me then we will be at the church. If not, I'll let you know.

This will be an easy show. We are taking stuff from Opening Night and so everyone should more or less know what's going on already. We rehearsed some last Saturday and I think that we are going to be fine. We do need the two upcoming rehearsals though.

If you can't come to one of the rehearsals or you have to miss part of one or something then please let me know ASAP. I would appreciate it if you would let these two rehearsals be the important things in your life right now. In other words, if you have to make a choice between missing OCAG and missing something else I would really like it if you would miss something else.

Okay. Let me hear from you please, if you have conflicts that you can't change.

We WILL NOT have Snoopy practice next Saturday (4-26-08) since we will be at the Arts Festival.
Marissa 8-)

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