OCAG News 4-9-08

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OCAG News 4-9-08

Postby Marissa on Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:55 pm

Hi all.

A few things.

First, I happen to be pregnant again and this baby I would like to have quite a lot. I'm not going to sweat OCAG right now. If I have people dropping out like flies then I'm just going to let you go. As of now, everyone is still doing Snoopy and I hope that everyone will continue. However, if you don't want to do the show then please tell me now. One thing to remember, if you have any kind of large part and you quit then I won't replace you. I'll simply cancel the show. I also won't hide the fact that the reason it's being canceled is because a person quit.

Speaking of Snoopy, ignore the schedule that we sent out. That was for when we were going to do the show in May. We can't do Snoopy in May anymore. I am shooting for late June. Tell me NOW what conflicts you all have for June. Also, remember if you can't do June then please tell me.

I'm sorry to those people who wanted to do Mayfair but we aren't going to be able to do it. Too many people didn't want to do the show and again, I'm not going to stress myself out with this stuff.

We can not cancel the Arts Festival. I'm not sure what kind of a show we are going to be able to perform with the people we have left. I'm sorry that I was under the impression that most of you wanted to do the Arts Festival. I thought that by putting it on the schedule months in advance I would receive information back, months in advance, in regard to anyone who didn't want to do it. I was wrong.

Okay, that said, will EVERYONE please confirm who will and who won't do the Arts Festival? Will EVERYONE please confirm who will and who won't do Snoopy?

Remember, we are only going to rehearse on Saturdays for the time being. Those who still have the schedules and have been so wonderful about keeping up with them may throw them away.

See everyone at the chuch on Saturday April 12th from 10 am to noon. I would also appreciate it greatly if you would let me know if you are NOT GOING TO BE THERE. No one called last week and half of you were missing.

See ya.
Marissa 8-)

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