OCAG News 4-4-08

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OCAG News 4-4-08

Postby Marissa on Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:36 am


We have rehearsal tomorrow (Saturday 4-5-08) from 10 am to noon at True Oak Church. Please be on time. We are going to learn the dance for the first song.

Remember, it's the first rehearsal of the new month and so tuition is due.

I THINK that our schedule says that we also have rehearsal on Sunday 4-6-08. I am canceling that rehearsal. We will only meet tomorrow.

Also, and this is important, we have some serious conflicts for the show dates. Lenora is our big conflict on the particular date we mentioned but I've been told by others that they may not be free on our original dates anymore either.

We are supposed to perform at Mayfair on May 3. Does anyone still want to do that? It was planned to be a festival show. Mayfair was put on the schedule and sent out when Regina put it together and NO ONE told me they couldn't do it. However, when I asked if we could do Snoopy that weekend, a lot of people said they couldn't. So, let me know. If we aren't going to do it then we need to let them know.

We are going to have to put Snoopy off. I've just about decided to let it go past the end of the school year and do it as a summer show. I know that at least one of you is going to be gone all of June. I need to know these kinds of things about everyone else. Please send me (ASAP) a summer schedule so I'll know when we're all going to be in town and can perform Snoopy.

I'll see you all tomorrow and please email me back as soon as you can.

Marissa 8-)

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