OCAG News 3-6-08

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OCAG News 3-6-08

Postby Marissa on Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:08 pm

Hey all.

First, I guess some of us forgot to pay tuition for last week. Thank you Idalis for paying. Everybody else......bring it this coming Saturday. Also, unless you are Idalis, Zach, Antonio, Chris or Bailey then you owe me $60 for both February and March.

I shouldn't have to beg for this people. I'm not living in the lap of luxury due to tuition. I use it to pay for the show. For instance, I'm paying Mark York $300.00 to put all the music on a CD for us. Therefore we won't have to mess with hiring a pianist for the show and Mark (those of you who heard Li'l Abner already know) plays beautifully.

$300.00 is an very small rate for this kind of thing and he's giving me a very cut rate because of our history. He was my first acting/singing teacher. We've known each other since I was 8 years old. Although the price is "small" I have to have your tuition to pay for it.

There are other things. I've had a parent suggest that we purchase a sound system for the group. I'm all for it but I can't pay for it unless you pay your tuition.

Unless we have made other arrangements, tuition is owed on the first rehearsal of the month. Unless we have made other arrangements, tuition is $40.00 per child. UNLESS I CANCEL REHEARSAL then you owe $40.00, regardless if your child is coming to one rehearsal that month or 16.

If you have questions then simply ask me.

Second, don't forget we have rehearsal this coming Saturday (3-8-08) from 9 am to noon at my house in Tuttle. BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS IN A PLASTIC BOTTLE WITH A TOP.

Third, I expect everyone (except Krislyn. It occurred to me that since she IS a teacher she shouldn't have to do a homework assignment) to bring me information on their assigned musical. People who were assigned musicals are Kevin, Zach, Gary, Bailey and Lenora. Tell me when the musical opened on Broadway, how many performances were presented on Broadway, what play the musical is based on (if it is fact based on a play). If it's not based on a play then tell me what it's based on. For instance, The Sound of Music is based on the memoirs of Maria von Trapp. Also, give a brief synopsis of the musical. I know that I can't wait to hear about these shows. :clap:

Fourth, many of you left your lyrics here last Saturday. Most of them were destroyed by the water that was spilt on my coffee table. If you left them here then print off another copy and BRING THEM WITH YOU on Saturday. They are all directly "under" this post and it's called OCAG News 2-29-08.

Okay, that's it. I'll see everyone on Saturday (3-8-08). Please let me know if you are going to be late or if you can't make it.

See everyone Saturday.

Talk toya'll lata.

Marissa 8-)

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