OCAG News 2-28-08

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OCAG News 2-28-08

Postby Marissa on Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:02 pm

Hey all,

Next practice is this coming Saturday (3-1-08) from 9 am to noon. I know that some people might have a partial conflict. It's fine if you have to get here late or leave early. Please let me know ahead of time if you are going to be late. You can let me know here, on Saturday, if you have to leave early.

My address is:
3016 Neighbors Lane
Del City, OK 73115-1959.

I would try to give you directions but that's complicated. Use a Google map, a Yahoo Map or go to Mapquest.

The house is brick with a one car garage. The big garage door is painted yellow. The house in on the South side of the street and you'll see Will's red car behind my red convertible in the driveway. The house number is not on the house.

My cell number is 405-313-2287 and my home phone is 405-602-6965. If you get lost then call me and I'll probably be able to talk you in.

Parents, my home is not as big at Regina's. Unlike her I have no den, only one living room. Will works some nights and one of those night is Friday night to Saturday morning. He will have gotten home one hour before everyone starts to arrive. Sometimes he stays up until around noon and goes to sleep. Other times he goes to sleep as soon as he gets home. If he is up he will probably be on the computer. In that case I can offer to put you in my bedroom with a few chairs or the spare bedroom. The spare bedroom has half of the room that's is storage and half that is free space. I have some books in three bookcases in there and feel free to read them. If he has gone to bed then I can't offer our bedroom but that will free up the computer room. I have a backyard with a (sort of) covered patio and the front yard. We do have the garage and you can camp out there if you want, but you won't want to. It's piled with laundry.

There is very little parking here. ONE car can be parked beside my car, to the right of the car. Another one could be parked behind it, to the right of Will's car. And that's it. Everyone else who stays will have to park on the street.

If you want to smoke then you'll have to do that outside or in the garage.

My point with all of this is that people really shouldn't stay. Go shopping or something like that. If you feel uncomfortable with leaving then by all means, stay. However; you'll have to stay in the rooms I mentioned above or outside. I can't allow parents to sit at the kitchen table. The table is right by my living room and the kids will concentrate and learn better if parents are out of sight. Naturally there are exceptions to this rule and I believe that my exception parents (the two of them) know who they are.

Also, PLEASE no extra kids. I'm not running a baby sitting service. If I were I would charge a lot more. The only kids that should be here (with the exception of Regina bringing Belinda - Regina is my assistant and one of the exception parents - also Belinda typically stays attached to Regina) should be kids who are working on the show. If you are planning on being a staying parent then your extra child will need to stay with you in whatever room you stay in.

Speaking of charging, Saturday is the first day of the month and tuition is due. I have it written in my book that the only people who paid their $20.00 tuition for February were Idalis, Zach, Antonio, Chris and Bailey. If you are not one of those five then please pay me $60.00 on Saturday (3-1-08). If you are not one of those five and you believe that you have paid then come and talk to me. If you want to give me a post dated check I can handle that. Just please bring it to my attention when you give it to me. I’ll hold on to it until the date you have written on the check. Then I’ll deposit it.

Okay, BIG CHANGE HERE - READ CAREFULLY. We are having to change the performance dates. We are moving the show FROM April 24th, 25th and 26th TO May 8th, 9th and 10th. We are doing this because we have A LOT of festivals scheduled this summer. The Arts Festival has already invited us and assigned us to perform on April 26th at noon on the Crystal Bridge. That would be the same time our matinee' would be if we were doing the show that weekend.

IF THESE NEW DATES WILL NOT, IN ANYWAY, WORK FOR YOU then tell me now. I don't want to hear it at rehearsal on Saturday (3-1-08). Either email me back today (Thursday 2-28-08) or tomorrow (Friday 2-29-08) and I will see what I can do. If you hold off on telling me until Saturday (3-1-08) or later then I will not be able to even try to change it.

Okay, I know I've sounded kind of grumpy in this email. I'm not grumpy; just don't have time to get this out by 5 pm AND be "sweet" at the same time. Plus, I did have to type this thing twice…the first one I accidentally deleted. So…..you know.

Catch ya'll lata.

Marissa 8-)

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