OCAG News 2-14-08

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OCAG News 2-14-08

Postby Marissa on Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:53 am

See? She didn't die!!! :pinkheart:

Hello all. Happy Valentine's Day! :pinkhearts:

Hope you all had a good “month - plus” off. :cupid:

I need to know conflicts and I need to know them fast!

:bluesorry: Sorry Mia! I know you wrote first and I appreciate it but I didn‘t know any answers until early this morning. Forgive me? :hugz:

I would like to start rehearsals on Saturday mornings. 8 am to 10 am or 9 am to 11 am would work best for us. LET ME KNOW IF THIS WON'T WORK FOR ANYONE.

Regina is trying to see if we can practice at her church again.

If not, we're going to have to find a new place.

I would LOVE it if all of you would come to my home in Del City but I'm not sure if everyone could do it. I KNOW that most of you wouldn't WANT to come to Del City. Can you tell me though (and please be honest) if you would be willing to drive into Del City once a week? When we got to the last month we could go back to rehearsing in Tuttle (as least part of the time), especially since we will be performing in Tuttle. If everyone would be willing to come to Del City, then, as an incentive for you, we would have THREE HOUR REHEARSALS instead of two hour ones. So while the kids are here, parents could go to the library or grocery shopping or to garage sales and stuff like that. Also, I'm sure that carpools could be arranged. And I would NOT CHANGE the lesson fees although it would be an extra hour each time. :bluekiss:

The drive to Tuttle is killing me especially since Will and I moving to Tuttle has been put off by at least a year. I probably won't be back living in Tuttle until AT THE EARLIEST March of 2009.

I thought a nice weekend for the show would be April 25th, 26th, and 27th. April 22nd (the Tuesday prior) is Earth Day and April 25th is Arbor Day. I thought we could use some nice advertising tying in the whole love of the earth, nature, trees and Peanuts. :rofl: I'm so witty.

I have a handful of new people who are interested in joining us but I wanted to hear all of your conflicts first before I tell them anything definite.

So, let me hear back on the performance date and your thoughts on where to rehearse.

I would like our first rehearsal to be this coming Saturday / 2-16-08. I know you all love that massive amount of advance notice. :iloveu:

In regards to fees for February, since I decided to start late in the month I will pro rate the fees. Everyone, pay half of what you typically pay a month and please bring it to rehearsal on 2-16-08.

Also, in regards to fees, three cast members left the group after we started rehearsing for the Opening Night Show. If those three cast members wish to return for Snoopy!!! then they are more than welcome and I really hope they do come back; however, they will have to pay the full tuition for Snoopy!!! at our first rehearsal, which will be $100.00 ($20.00 + $40.00 + $40.00 = $100.00).

Okay, that's it. Please, please, please let me hear back from everyone today! Also if any of you have decided NOT TO DO Snoopy!!! then please email me and let me know NOW, okay?

Talk toya lata!
Marissa 8-)

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