OCAG News / December 19, 2007

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OCAG News / December 19, 2007

Postby Marissa on Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:20 am

Hi all.

Read this and then print off things like song and the order of the show and cast stuff that you'll need to knoew. This way, you'll know (some of) what you need to know in regards to the musical parts of the show. The new CD WILL NOT be the order the show is in. It was just the quickest and easiest way to get it on the CD.

I've made 9 CDs. Bring a blank CD or a $1 for your CD. I'm sorry but you can't have them unless I have something in return. Putting these things together is a killer. If not for the help of Kevin and Krislyn I'm not sure I would have made it.

After several attempts, Kevin was able to find Nothing Like A Dame without the vocal guide. He is also doing Auld Lang Syne. So that will be one more CD that you will all get.

You all have the lines and you all have (almost) all the music in the show. We're going to make it.......I think......but it's going to be tough.

You have got to practice on these songs away from OCAG rehearsals. Remember too, that the order of songs on the CD I have for you IS NOT THE ORDER OF THE SHOW ITSELF.

Okay, like I said above, I (with a lot of help from Will) made 9 copies plus the copy I kept for myself.

1. Gary, Kevin and Krislyn will share one.
2. Bennett and Lenora will share one.
3. Ben and Zach will share one.
4. Antonio
5. Bailey
6. Brittany
7. Chris
8. Idalis
9. Tia

I'm going to write your names on the CDs before I give them to you. I noticed that last time I gave them to you there were about two or three left behind. You will face the wrath of Marissa if you leave your CD at rhearsal. How are you going to practice without it?

Rehearsal will be at Regina's house tomorrow. Don't worry. You're not going to be outside in the grass. She has a small apartment attached to her house and we'll work there.

Rehearsal will be from 6 pm to 8 pm. If you're not there by 6 pm (and don't have a GOOD an explanation) then you will lose a song. Maybe a small song. Maybe a real long on. We'll just see what your mood is on that day and what my mood is on that day.

Remember, not everyone is in every single number. I did go ahead and put everything on the CD because it was easier and this music could be really good for you to have someday.

I did the best I could on vocal guides. I know at least two members of our group can't read and so I'm going to try to find more vocal guilds but I can't promise.

Okay, see you tomorrow at Regina's at 6 pm

Print this next part off.

1 Oklahoma
2 It’s A Scandal, It’s An Outrage
3 Many A New Day
4 All For The Best
5 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
6 Yankee Doodle Boy
7 Hard Knock Life
8 No Business Like Show Business
9 My Favorite Things
10 Do-Re-Mi
11 So Long, Farewell
12 We Go Together (with vocals)
13 We Go Together
14 He’s the Wiz (with vocals)
15 He’s the Wiz
16 Loathing (with vocals)
17 Loathing
18 One Short Day (with vocals)
19 One Short Day
20 King Of New York (with vocals)
21 King Of New York
22 America (with vocals)
23 America
24 Nothing Like A Dame (with vocals)
25 Enya - Book Book Of Days
26 Ease On Down The Road

Nothing Like A Dame (without vocals) and Auld Lang Syne are on their way.

Okay, see everyone tomorrow. If my memorey is what I think it is then I believe everyone (with a few exceptions) is to have their songs memorized.

Bring those dollars babies. And thanks you who gave me the blank CDs. I used them to make the new CDs and they worked great!

I'm looking forward to hearing memorization tomorrow evening. :-)
Marissa 8-)

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