Gasp!! Another posting about costumes you say?????

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Gasp!! Another posting about costumes you say?????

Postby Marissa on Wed Dec 19, 2007 9:49 am

Hi all.

As I said in the first email about costumes:

The Wiz - Wicked (He’s the Wiz, Loathing, One Short Day) Chris, Gary, Lenora and Zach, wear your Ease on down the road costumes. Brittany wear the green dress from Cinderella. Tia, dress in black but don’t worry about a hat. EVERYONE ELSE, wear GREEN. Top to bottom. That’s the only color I want to see on everyone whose name is not listed above. For shoes, but cheap simple canvas white shoes and we will dye them green."

After reading that through 8 million times I realized that I should have given some more information.

If you or your child is in the list below:


Then you don’t have to worry about finding a green outfit. They already know what costumes they’re wearing and they aren’t all green.

If you or your child is in the list below:


Then you DO have to worry about finding a green outfit. Here’s the thing, the green doesn’t all have to be the same shade of green. Also, don’t hold yourself to just tops and pants. Girls can dye white tights green and wear them with skirt and top or even a dress. Girls could wear a thin (but not thin enough to see through it) night gown and have a green boa to go with it. Boys, you don’t have to be limited either. You could wear green shorts with green tights. Don’t have a heart attach, it will look like you have green skin from the audience.

Lots of fun ways to dress on this one guys. Remember you’re out on the town. You’re not sitting around in your night clothes with a bowl of cereal parked in your lap watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Okay. Keep me informed on what’s going on and if you have any questions.

See everyone on Thursday at 6 pm.

Marissa 8-)

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