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Postby Randi's Mom - Rhonda on Sun Oct 02, 2005 2:05 pm

Yea!!!! I know you guys have been waiting for that for a long time!!!

We will keep you in our prayers!
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Postby Mia on Sun Oct 02, 2005 8:31 pm

Hi to everyone. My name is Mia and I am Antonio's mom. (I don't usually put that in writing where people can use it against me later, but I'm feeling a little motherly this evening.) I work for Integris Physician Services and I am a supervisor in the billing office. (No, I can't answer any questions about your hospital bill, but I can probably help you find the person you need.) I have a staff of 13 ladies I supervise and 15 clinics that I meet with every month, so it's pretty much like being at an OCAG practice every day for me. I have been divorced from Antonio's dad for 13 years. His dad's name is Dan and he usually makes it to one of the shows. I am a volunteer with Boy Scouts and Antonio is currently a life scout. He is at the last rank before eagle. Antonio is a 9th grader at Mustang Mid-High and he will be 15 in November. His first show with Marrissa was Lil' Abner.

Not a whole lot more to tell. Between scouts and OCAG I really don't have time for much else. For the new people, I am usually the one who organizes the concession stand for the shows. Fair warning...I will be asking you what shows you can work the concession.
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