Theatre Group Adds New Members

The Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild welcomed 14 new students to their ranks this month. Hailing from as far as Edmond, the new members are ready to study musical theatre and perform in productions under the direction of instructor Marissa Pace Winkelman.

"This is an exciting time for the Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild," said Winkelman. "These additional students bring our total members to 27."

Winkelman said that a large number of children applied for spots in the group in anticipation of the upcoming production of Oklahoma!, which is planned for February 2004. Children ages 3-18 will make up the cast of Oklahoma! in its entirety.

This will be Winkelman’s fourth show with local children. The first, Li’l Abner, was put on in conjunction with Tuttle Community Arts and brought the house down with six shows of entertainment.

"After the success of Li’l Abner, I realized that children’s theatre had a real future in Tuttle," said Winkelman. "The talent that is present in the children of this community is unbelievable."

After Li’l Abner, Winkelman founded the Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild. The group has put out two shows since then, Babes in Arms and The Lullaby of Broadway.

The newest members of the Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild include Lenora Garvie, Gary Gottman, Kaitlyn Mounce, Bo Weast, Zach Welch and Karlie Whitener, all of Tuttle; Summer Batten, Brittany Burnside and Katey Sluder, all of Blanchard; Autumn Gilchrest, Jessica Greer and Tia Lasiter, all of Bridge Creek; Amanda Jacobs of Oklahoma City; and Rich Kemmerly of Edmond.

Several of the students were in the earlier production of Li’l Abner, and after a brief hiatus, have returned to entertain on the Tuttle stage. Audiences will remember Rich Kemmerly, who played General Bullmoose; Zach Welch, who played Hairless Joe; Kaitlyn Mounce, who was Elizabeth, and Gary Gottman, who performed a triple role as the Government Man, a bachelor, and a pre-Yokumized husband.

The new students will be joining the group’s veteran performers, which includes James Young, Bryce Richardson, Jessica Howard, Krislyn Gottman, Lindsey Phelps, Kevin Gottman, Logan Johnson, Chris Hill, Jessica House, and Katie DallaRosa, all of Tuttle; Lauren Brown of Bridge Creek; Antonio Gloria of Mustang; and Bailey Stringer of Norman.

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