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General Information about the Oklahoma Children's Acting Guild

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Oklahoma Children's Acting Guild?

The Oklahoma Children's Acting Guild is a professional acting school for children. A collection of musical shows are produced each year. Both group and individual lessons are available in theatre and music.

What do lessons include?

Lessons cover many aspects of live theatre, including theatre history, auditions, acting, costuming and set design.

How did the Oklahoma Children's Acting Guild come into being?

In August 2002, Marissa Lee Pace contacted the local community theatre group with plans to direct a full-length musical with only children. Li'l Abner was the musical selected, and the the show premiered at the end of October with 43 children, ages 4-19. So many children wanted to continue acting that Marissa decided to start the Oklahoma Children's Acting Guild. In March 2003, OCAG put on their first show, Babes In Arms, at the Tuttle Opera House. Following Marissa's untimely passing in November 2009, guild choreographer Krislyn Gottman began heading the group.

What are Krislyn Gottman's credentials?

Krislyn began dancing at age 7 and has continually studied, choreographed and taught dance since. She is currently a teacher at Steppin' Out Dance Studio and at the Poteet Theatre Dance Studio. She has starred in and directed numerous productions and has experience with Poteet, the Stage Door, Chickasha Community Theatre and Theatre at the University of Central Oklahoma.

How often are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals are held at least once a week, on Saturdays, until a month or so before the show opens. At that point, rehearsals will be at least four times a week and possibly more. Extra rehearsal time is integral to a high-quality show.

What are the requirements?

No previous theatre experience is necessary to be a part of the Oklahoma Children's Acting Guild. More experienced cast members usually earn lead roles, while novice cast participants usually gain their experience in the chorus. Members of crew get on the job training.

What are the parents' responsibilities?

Parents are expected to get their children to all rehearsals and performances on time and to make sure they learn their lines, practice their songs, etc. They are also encouraged to volunteer backstage or in concession areas during the shows. Parents are responsible for making sure their children have all needed costumes. Parents are also responsible for tuition.

What are the Guild members' responsibilities?

All Guild members are expected to be at every rehearsal unless they have cleared their absence with the director ahead of time. All Guild members are responsible for learning their lines and music by the given deadlines. All Guild members are expected to treat their director and fellow Guild members with the upmost respect. All Guild members are expected to make a commitment to the Guild. This is the type of program that takes dedication and a willingness to work hard.

What are the tuition costs? Are scholarships available?

Group lessons are $40.00 a month, regardless of how many you attend. Individual lessons are $10.00 a lesson. Group lessons are required for participation in the shows. Fees are due the first of the month. If a lesson must be canceled because of the director there will be a make-up lesson scheduled. If a Guild member has to cancel a private lesson they must give the instructor at least 24 hours advance notice or they will be charged for the time anyway. Scholarships (full and partial) may be awarded based on need and talent.

How can I become a member of the Oklahoma Children's Acting Guild?

Simply send an e-mail to krislyn@oklahomachildrensactingguild.com. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

What other theatrical opportunities are available in Oklahoma?

Check out our links page for other theatre companies and web sites of interest to actors.

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